NC State
Graduate Student Association

1. How many GSA Awards for Conferences are awarded each semester?

Each semester, the GSA allocates $7,500 for the GSA Award for Conferences. If applicants are all awarded the maximum amount ($1,500) we will award 5 per semester. We usually award around 6 a semester, however, due to awardees requesting less than the maximum amount. Last Spring (2016), we received approximately 70 applications.

2.   Who will judge my application?

Applications are judged by a committee made up of graduate students from the GSA. Each application is reviewed by at least 3 committee members from different departments than the applicant. Award decisions are then made by the committee during meetings.

3. What is the selection criteria for the GSA Award for Conferences?

Each application is judged according to a rubric designed by the selection committee. The rubric takes all application information into account including applicant GPA, recommendation letters and conference scope. Applicants should take extra care with the personal statement, making sure to answer all questions according to given directions and in a clear and concise way.

4.   How will awardees receive funds from the GSA Award for Conferences?

The GSA Award for Conferences operates on a reimbursement basis. This means the applicant must pay for the conference, then be reimbursed after travel occurs. Reimbursement is handled by the GSA Treasurer and receipts for conference registration, air travel, and hotel are required.

5. I want to apply to the GSA Award for Conferences, but have not received notification on my abstract acceptance, can I still apply?

You may still apply to the Award for Conferences if you have not received notification on your abstract status by the application deadline.  Notify the VP of Academic Affairs as soon as you receive notice.

6. What does expenses does the GSA Award for Conferences cover?

The GSA Award for Conferences covers expenses directly related to your conference such as conference registration, hotel, airfare, and food. The GSA Award for Conferences does not cover personal expenses such as entertainment or travel which is not directly related to the conference.