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Graduate Student Association

This page contains Financial and Reimbursement information for GSA chapter representatives.

Block Grants

Chapters can receive grants of up to $500 per academic year to support events across academic departments at NCSU. Block grants are evaluated and voted on by the executive board. The full amount of funding will be awarded to organizations that demonstrate inter-departmental cooperation and possess great academic value.

To apply for a block grant, fill out the application below and send it to the GSA Exec Board. Please be sure to carefully read the instructions on the first page to ensure you are eligible for a block grant before sending in your application. Please see the Animal Science & Genetics Block grant request as an example: ANSGSA 2015 Block Grant.


Have questions filing the reimbursement request? Check this HelpDoc.

2016-17 GSA Operating Budget

The current operating budget for the 2015-16 academic year is given below. All GSA internal committee’s are requested to check the balance available with their committee’s budget line-item before embarking on new projects or events.


The GSA receives its funding from student fees that all graduate students pay annually. As of the FY2014-15 academic year, fees were set at $16/student. The budget for the GSA thus runs approximately $110,000 a year, but after giving a percentage of its funding to the Student Activities Board, it has an operating budget of $80,000-$90,000 a year. A significant portion of our budget is given to individual chapters to spend on departmental events and also to students pursuing research interests through conferences and workshops.

The GSA has a line-item budget approved each year by the GSA council and externally at the University Budget Office. For questions or comments about the budget, please contact our treasurer.

You can also look at our past budgets for comparison:

Each chapter is given a rebate based on its size and its participation in the GSA. Please contact the treasurer for more information on how the rebates are calculated.

Expense Report FAQ

Please see this link for the FAQ